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Rhythm count 1 or Quick.

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In the song "Let the Boogie Woogie Roll", Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters sang, "When she looked at me her eyes just shined like gold, and when she did the twist she bopped me to my soul". Clap twice 8. The Block Crouch down with arms slightly bent, palms facing down. The Basic British Madison Step 1. When you rock your hips to the left, the left side of your waist needs to rotate forward as the right side shifts back.

Clapping can help enact the beat of the twist. Your hands can go on your hips or over your head, while doing the 'hat dance' steps. Point, sway, step, sway. He writes: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

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Without moving your foot from the ground, raise your right toe off the ground and pivot your toe to the right with your heel on the ground. Step, tap - step, tap - walk, walk. But the twist at this point was basically grinding the hips.

Lean forward again toward your partner, turn to the centre and cross your hands in front of you. As you twist, lean your body forward towards the front leg and then bend backwards shifting your weight on the back leg, as you continue to twist. Move your head left and right as far as you can without turning it to one side.

This is quite different from technique associated with salsa, for instance. Right foot steps close to left foot, then right foot pivots quarter turn clockwise. Make a fist with each hand with the thumbs over the fingers and facing each other. Occasionally, as in F, one hand is used to 'whip your horse', again done in time with the beat. Taking a fighter's crouch, face your partner and stand with feet apart, knees bent. The Bug 1.

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Combat the rug 4. The first man and woman make their way down the line, strutting their stuff to the end of the row where they separate, with the man rejoining the men's aisle and the woman lining up with the women. This is usually performed to fast rock'n'roll music so each movement in this sequence needs to be done in rapid succession - keeping in time to the music - the faster the better!

Each sequence is followed by a 'chorus where everyone joins hands and rushes to the centre of the circle and out again until the next sequence begins, with a new named body part. The counts are Shake your upper body from the hips, occasionally jumping to one side or the other. Stand with your feet about 12 inches apart.