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A place where I can vent about otherwise silly things. As the time came to receive his first evaluation, Gant feared the worst and ultimately committed suicide by jumping on the El track.

Jeanie and Reggie marry, but not under the circumstances they expected. And it provided the template for the annual ritual where one of the characters would have to perform extraordinary feats of medicine away from the familiar confines of the ER. Many things have exploded over the years, but one of the most tragic explosions took place in an ambulance with Dr. She was not used to the medical jargon her character had to say, and claimed that it once took 12 takes to correctly pronounce "renal vein thrombosis.

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By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Make your own badge here. Mostly I was expecting her to choose psych over the ER cause she did better during her psych rotation, and slowly expected her to be phased out into oblivion.

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Carter is knocked over and has to be put on a gurney and treated for a cut head. ER was never known for its spectacular visual scenes, but one of the few extraordinary and epic moments occurred in season two when Doug Ross George Clooney heroically jumps into a culvert to save a boy from drowning. Would you like to view this in our French edition? Just when it seems the worst might be over and she thanks Elizabeth for saving her life, she develops suddens chest pains, suspects that it could be PE pulmonary embolism and Elizabeth agrees.

Oh, don't think Part 1 of this traumatic double-header was gonna be left off the list. Though initially angry with her, Romano agrees to perform the operation after Lucy berates him for his seemingly flippant attitude towards the dying patient.

ER: Some of the best (and worst) moments

Carter ended their brief relationship since it is unethical for medical students and their residents to be romantically involved. I wasn't the only one who thought so. Best solo hero spotlight: Lucy's role in the early episodes of season 6 is rather small, having only minor sub plots such as helping a young artist who was taking cocaine or by urging Dr.

So, without further ado, let's revisit the saddest and most moving episodes ER ever aired. That same day, Lucy's mother, Barbara Knight, arrives to clear out her locker.

The character was part of the show for the 5th and 6th seasons. They are unable to save Lucy who succumbs to her wounds and dies. At the end of this episode, Carter and Lucy reconcile over the efforts they made. Too much, too maudlin, too far removed from anything having to do with the show. Abby is supervised by Malucci on a case that leads Corday to tell him that no one at County thinks he is any good at his job.

Part 1 , Lucy accidentally karate kicks Carter while performing a work-out video with a patient in an exam room. But even more moving was a five-episode stint by Alan Alda as Dr. Pratt had been evolving to this person who was going to be Chief, married and working with his little brother… honestly, did he have to die just like that?

Wikipedia has an article about: Views Read Edit View history. As with Doug Ross and the other characters that didn't fit the show or had an agenda, I expected the writers to make Lucy Knight do something uncharacteristic and of course something dramatic, her priorities would change and she would have to leave Chicago or something. He also says in the Season 6 finale "May Day" that Lucy's death is "partly my fault". Kerry Weaver that staff shouldn't have to risk their lives to work in the hospital, says, "We've already had a staff member murdered on duty," then "I got stabbed, Lucy got killed, and today Abby and Chen get a gun to their head.

Greg Pratt Mekhi Phifer is severely injured in an ambulance explosion.