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What I love is how Gemini Adams isn't just about being funny; she genuinely has a purpose with this book: Advanced Copies f Click the small Smiley Face icon on the bottom right side of the update status area to open a new menu. Your account is not active. Our large-scale emoticons may be used in Facebook timelines, chat messages, and on any device simply by sending or sharing to your specified FB location.

BusLady 6 months ago See Dr. The Pseudoscience Quiz. But there is a humorous side to Facebook and veneration many have for it. It's not preachy, and author Adams uses well-crafted humor to get the points of this 'digital detox' across to the reader.

Maximum words per page: We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. The left-handed pages contain some illustration, while the right-handed pages have a simple caption. Updated October 15, Bargain Basement: How to Clean a Laptop.

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They also had me falling over laughing about ninety-nine percent of the time. Choose app for your mobile phone, tablet or PC and download our emoticons for free. Hey, do you like this page?

You can add text anywhere you like, before or after the emoji, or skip using text altogether. Click the Smiley Face icon again to close the menu and finish writing the comment. Funny Signs, online since , collects funny and strange signs from around the world that you can browse, rate, submit and review.

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Here is the complete list of all emoji emoticons and new stickers for Facebook. First of all, I didn't care for the illustrations. Raimondi 6 months ago it's true , you know who you are.

Sep 28, Dennis Littrell rated it really liked it. Pennant Burgundy. As I was reading this, I had several laugh out loud moments where I needed to share with my husband cause he wanted in on the fun.

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I first became aware of The Facebook Diet: Facebook addiction Gemini Adams has already proved herself as a competent serious writer and now she turns her visual and literary and comedic gifts into what is bound to become a bestseller - The Facebook Diet: They appeal to the victim's vanity with a message that suggests the victim can be seen in a compromising or funny way at a certain Web site. You can remember and type in the codes for standard emoticons, but you can't type in the emoji codes with your standard keyboards.

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