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How to Tell if Your Ducati’s Clutch is Going Bad

The clutch springs are held in place by the pressure plate bolts. When should you replace your chain and sprockets? Most motorcycles normally do not require draining the oil if you replace the clutch while the motorcycle is on the kickstand.

EBC have a huge range of clutch kits to fit most bikes. You are now looking at the clutch assembly consisting of the friction plates, a pressure plate, the clutch basket the assembly that holds the clutch plates and a throw-out bearing. Item Successfully Added! You will want to look for discoloration or scoring due to excessive heat and friction.

Is My Motorcycle Clutch Bad? Ducati Clutch Replacement Worn Clutch

EICMA As a rule if the plates smell burnt…. Problems that only manifest themselves gradually are sometimes hard to spot if you are continually riding the bike. If they're allen bolts use a hex-handle T-bar or hex bit and a socket rather than allen keys. When the clutch is slipping, the engine turning will not be conveyed properly to the gearbox, so less power is transmited to the drive sprocket and so to the rear wheel.

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Changing a Clutch

Whether you're a veteran customer of ours or you've just jumped on-board, this is something you might be interested in as it will be your strongest tool when it comes to smart spending for your beloved Italian ride. With all the oil out we then fitted the new filter so we didn't forget about it later. So you get new oil. Racers and hooligans , for instance, will go through a lot of clutches.

If i were you ill take the clutch cover off and take a peek its only gonna take 30min.

How To: Clutch Plate Replacement Presented By Vital MX - moosesmetalmarvels.com

How to lube and protect your bike Why bother? If the bike is reasonably high mileage or has had a hard life, check for cracks and look at the dark marks or indentations where the friction plates' locating lugs hit the basket itself. Because it could save your life. Ideal play should be mm at the end of the lever.

How To Replace Your Motorcycle Clutch Pack

Break each bolt loose and work your way around the bolt circle backing each bolt a little at a time. Set the lever adjuster to minimum before taking up slack with the lower one. Is there a problem with my clutch? Search forums.